I come from a very God fearing the latest blog addition family of a Catholic background. I came to the Middle East for the purpose of employment where I came in contact my link with some atheist friends. These friends’ influence was disastrous to my religious life and as a result, I stopped going for confessions or even for Mass. I also started falling sick vbr_alfredery often.

I got married in Church in the year 1988 in compliance with the wishes of my family. But I was a victim of constant illness. My wife, Sheila delivered our first child, Calvin in 1990. He too often suffered from colds
and fever. My Post entitled me of family medical facilities, but the Company was shocked to see my medical bills – worried about my health – they called me and showed my bill, it was the highest in the Company!!

In 1995 when my wife was expecting our second baby, I was seriously ill. I had several ailments, which included – malfunctioning kidneys, high cholesterol, blocked arteries, a protruding bone in the vertebral column pressing against the bladder causing frequent urinary infections. As a result I was on a strict diet. It was as if I couldn’t eat anything.

When my wife delivered our second child, Calvita in March 1995, I came down to Bombay. While in Bombay, I thought of undergoing a thorough check-up before proceeding to Mangalore to be with my family. I went to many well-known hospitals to undergo several tests for different related problems. These tests revealed that due to the malfunctioning of my kidneys, my urea and creatinine levels were very high, which meant either; a dialysis or a kidney transplant. Also a major surgery on the spinal chord was immediately needed which involved a high risk of me being paralysed; the doctors did not give me any assurance of recovery from the surgery. I was totally shattered and I lost all hopes of a normal life, in fact, I had no hopes at all. I was so depressed that I did not want to live anymore.

As I was troubled that night by these thoughts, I heard a Powerful Divine Voice,“There is no hope for you, except Me; Come to Me.” This voice filled me with great hope & joy. This Great Power of God (which of course I did not know at the time) made me remember the ‘Tabor Ashram’ in Kalyan, a Potta branch in Bombay that was mentioned by a cousin of mine. I called up my brother-in-law and asked him to take me there. Seeing my poor health conditions, my relatives dissuaded me from taking the long trip to the Ashram but I was determined to go there.

I attended a one-day retreat. This retreat had two healing sessions. During the first session, I lifted my hands and praised God, asking him to heal me but nothing happened. Then with tears in my eyes, I said to the Lord “Lord, if you don’t want to heal me, don’t heal me, but at least touch me once in my life.” At that instant, I felt a powerful current move through my hands. My hands started flapping like a flying Dove and I felt immense joy, which I can never explain. When I asked, my brother-in-law, what it was, he told me that the Holy Spirit had touched me.

After the session, I went for confession and then returned for the second healing session of the day. This time the people were told by the Priest leading the Prayers, to lay their hands on the person by their side.

Again this time as I laid my hands on the person next to me, I felt a powerful current passing through my whole body and this time my entire body was shaking like a flying bird. I felt profound joy, peace and happiness once again!! I asked the person on whom I had laid hands on, what’s this current and he too confirmed that it was the anointing of the Holy Spirit. (There was a glow on my face; which was noticed by all my relatives, which lasted for about three days!)

The next day was a Sunday. I spent some time reading the Bible and in prayer. On Monday, I went for a check-up. This time, test revealed that my creatinine and urea levels were normal, and that my kidneys were functioning normally. An MRI scan of my backbone was done and the doctors told me that there was no need for a surgery at all and all I needed was to wear a lumbar belt for the protruding bone. I came home to Mangalore happy and glowing and till today I did not wear a lumbar belt, but everything was fine with me. Indeed, MY JESUS loved me like no other and this love we humans call it MIRACLE! He indeed is the Life, the Truth and the Way and that there was no hope for me except to go to Him. He had given me a New Life – a second Chance!! It was for a Purpose, which I did not know then.

This was the beginning of my relationship with Jesus. I wasn’t aware that He had chosen me for a Mission. I developed a strong desire to read the Bible, attend retreats, etc. When I prayed, I used to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and fall to the ground. When I attended a Retreat at the Potta Retreat Centre, a preacher there Sr. Marina prophesied that I would become a preacher. Thereafter, five other preachers reiterated that I had been called by God to preach and that I was like a Power House that would light up the streetlights.

Although, I put this Calling off for more than one year, it kept troubling me and something within me told me that the second life given to me was not for myself but for the “Kingdom of God”; to gather lost souls. During this time I used to spend time after every Mass praying before the Blessed Sacrament, telling God that I did not want to live like a thorny bush but rather like a flower giving fragrance, for all humanity.

God heard my prayers. My immediate relatives here in the UAE, with their families began to develop a strong thirst for the Word of God, and began to have disinterest in worldly affairs. This led the three families to start praying together. We started meeting on a regular basis in each one’s house by turns. Gradually, we started inviting friends over for these gatherings. I was encouraged by my family and friends to preach at these gatherings.

I started giving the Word of God and the Holy Spirit began revealing the Divine Mysteries of Truth and Righteousness in the Word of God. As I did this, people who attended these meetings experienced tremendous joy and peace, they were touched and transformed and felt encouraged to live a life pleasing to God. God also led me to preach his Word to the brothers in the labour camps in Dubai. God worked so powerfully through The Word of God that the number of members increased, we had to find bigger places. The ladies cooked for the camp brothers and all of us experienced joy as we shared the love we had received from Jesus with our neighbours. God led us to meet the priests of Dubai and Sharjah, and thus we started having our meetings in Church. (details given in the History page)

So my brothers & sisters I believe my testimony will touch your hearts and bring a transformation in your life. Please reach out to more brothers and sisters through my testimony. If you can record it and give it to others in whatever way you can inspire other brothers and sisters, please do this and God will bless you and your families abundantly. Praise the Lord. Halleluiah.