The origin of the Divine Mercy Prayer dates back to the year 1995, when, Br. Alfred Rebello was touched by Jesus and was healed of a serious illness and was renewed in the Holy Spirit.

Having experienced Divine Mercy in all its fullness, he was filled with a desire to pass on this Mercy that he had received from the Lord to others. Not knowing it was a Divine Call, he surrendered his desire to God in prayer. Thus, Prayer was preparing him to God’s Calling, and so, God’s Spirit created circumstances that led him to additional reading propagate God’s Mercy, through the Word of God. Initially, he refused to accept this Divine Call!! – not understanding why he was entrusted with such an awesome Divine Mission – to someone so small as himself. And so, for one & half years he put aside the promptings of the Holy Spirit but submitted himself in prayer, before the Blessed Sacrament. It was at this time that the Lord decided to touch his family to push him into this Mission. This is how, his own family together with relatives and their families, developed a great longing for God, which led them to hold family get-togethers, to pray together.

As friends were invited to join in, his family members encouraged Br. Alfred to preach the Word of God. And so, the Divine Calling and Mission were fulfilled – the Preaching Ministry began. As he preached, there were visible signs of Spiritual healing; people were being transformed; wanting to change their lives, in accordance to the Word of God. There were noticeable changes and the number of members increased. They expressed their love and concern for one another through fellowship and Mercy deeds.

Being only a learning child himself to this Mission of Spirituality, the Holy Spirit took control and began to teach Br. Alfred, God’s Holy Will for the Mission that had to be carried out in the U.A.E. Thus, the Holy Spirit designed the complete Structure of the Prayer Group; Br. Alfred followed the Divine guidance in total surrender and obedience, and every decision for the Group he takes, is in consultation with the Spirit of God. Any Spiritual desire he may foster for the betterment of the Mission, the Lord always supports and fulfils it. Soon the members increased and the Group moved from a bigger place to another, only to find it smaller again.

Finally, Br. Alfred decided to approach the Parish Priest of Sharjah, Rev. Fr. Angelo Fiumicelli, to provide one of the Church Halls for conducting the Prayer Meetings. Fr. Angelo, on hearing the Mercy deeds the Group undertakes and the transformed testimonials of the people, the request was granted and thus, in October 1999, under the Spiritual Direction of Rev. Fr. George, the Divine Mercy Prayer Group met in Hall No.5 of St. Michael’s Church, Sharjah. The meetings were held on Sundays from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Very soon the Hall was not able to accommodate the still growing 200+ people and the venue shifted to Hall no.1. but on Wednesdays instead of the Sundays. God’s Infinite Mercy, touched the people during the Prayer Meetings, and again the Hall became small and so, chairs had to be put outside the Hall, in the corridor, where people could only hear the Word of God.

Again Br. Alfred approached our Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Angelo, and requested for the Main Parish Hall; and he consented to our request and Group Glorified God’s Immense Mercy and ever since the Christmas Celebrations – 2004, the Group, has been conducting its Prayer Meetings every Wednesdays in the Parish Hall, under the Spiritual Direction of Rev. Fr. Michael Paroosseril. Due to the weekend shift and traffic problems in the UAE, people found it difficult to make it on Wednesdays. So with the permission of the parish priest Rev Fr. Angelo, from January 19, 2007 onwards, the prayer meeting is now held every Fridays in the parish hall from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. The Group is currently consisting of about 700++. The Divine Mercy Prayer Group is now, one of the biggest English prayer Groups in Sharjah, Praise be to God, and it is still growing.