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Jesus – my healer and provider

Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus, I adore Jesus, I love you Jesus.

A True Story…..

Before and after marriage, we had lot of problems in our lives but we were not knowing how we should pray and to be closer to our lord Jesus. Like a lukewarm soul, we use to attend a mass on Friday and because of the terrible office timings and workload, there was no time to say rosary together. There were lots and lots of ups and downs in our lives. I was always sick because of the stress and workload. During this bad phase, I have gone through lots of sicknesses such as extraction of gall bladder, bursting of fallopian tube, urinary infection, miscarriages, migraine, and depression due to my father’s death. I was about to see my
daddy after three years but he passed away when I was in 7th month of my pregnancy and very soon, I had miscarriage in 8 ½ month pregnancy. You can imagine what I must have gone through. After one week of my miscarriage, I went to work because I always felt that in this country, it’s very difficult to get a job but I was wrong. When lord is with you, everything is possible. My maid used to take my daughter to play in the garden and there she met Han’s mother (our close friend) who is also the member of the prayer group. She told my maid, tell Camy to come to Divine Mercy prayer and everything will be fine. My maid told this message to me but still I had no faith in any prayer group.

During this period, I bought my brother to UAE and he also encouraged me. We all came to Divine Mercy prayer in January 2004. During this prayer my lord touched me and I felt that lord has sent his disciple in the form of Bro. Alfred who motivates people through his preaching. During my third visit to Divine mercy prayer, I got the opportunity to forward my c.v to the government sector. Due to lot of struggles in life, I felt that I would never get a job but my husband forwarded my c.v. To my surprise, I got a call for interview. I believed that my lord is with me and working miracles in my life. He healed me completely and cured all my sickness. My husband encouraged me to go for interview. This is the first time, I faced the panel interview and out of 25 girls, my lord chose me for this job though I had no experience in the relevant field. Since 2004 I am working for govt. sector. Lord has spoken to me through brother Alfred’s preaching, explaining the importance of rosary and prayer in our life.

After joining Intercessory Prayer meeting, I have experienced lot of miracles in my life and one of them is a promotion after 2 1/2 years of my contract i.e in November 2006. Divine Mercy prayer group is the first prayer group I have ever attended in my life.

My dear brothers and sisters, I would like to request you to come to Intercessory Prayer meeting and you will experience the Lord ‘s presence in your life.

Alleluia, Praise the lord, thank you Jesus. ”

Camy Monteiro

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