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Never loose faith and keep praising God

My dear brothers and sisters I would like to share my testimony to you all. In the year October 2005, my friend was very much upset due to her pregnancy. So I told her to believe in Jesus and he will give you whatever you want and I took her to the Divine Mercy Prayer Gathering – Sharjah for the first time. After hearing the word of God by Br. Alfred and all the Praise and Worship there,  She conceived the very next month. But my dear brothers and sisters, two months later she lost her pregnancy upcorse. She was very upset. Then we told her not to loose faith and to keep praising the Lord. She was praying and talking to Jesus our lord everyday. Praise the Lord my dear brothers and sisters, she was blessed with twins in the year April 2006
So I have a small advice to you all. Anything bad or good happens in your life, please accept it and give thanks to Jesus. He is always with us.

Cynthia Ronnei Goveas

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