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Jesus’ Divine Mercy upon my family and me

My name is Vanessa Niketa Veigas and I am studying in year 10 in Winchester School which is in Dubai Gardens.  My parents Mr. Peter and Mrs. Greta hail from a very orthodox catholic family and I have a younger brother  – Neil.

We live in Dubai and are members of the DMPG for two years.  We came to know of the DIVINE MERCY LORD closely only after attending the DMPG meetings and Uncle Alfred’s preaching’s, and, thus developed a great devotion to the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Novena.  The DMPG also provided great opportunity for us to serve the Lord in whatever way we were called by the Lord and so I joined the Divine Mercy Choir and became a member of this Ministry; it was difficult for me to come all the way from Dubai but the of Word of God, in the 1st Commandment – encouraged me to serve my God even though it was difficult; as I knew my Lord will be extremely pleased with me for making Him the most important person in my life.  My parents are always extending their help and support to the DMPG; whenever the need arises, for we have found lots of spiritual favors and blessings in our lives.

This year also my mom was called by the DMPG to cook for the DMPG Feast and she not only agreed to cook but to sponsor it as well in-spite of having difficulties.  To our great surprise the very next day, my Principal, Mr. Vig called me to his office and gave me one of the most unexpected news that the school has chosen “ ME” as the outstanding student of the School and will be awarded the Sheikha Fathima Award.  My family was overjoyed and recalled what Br. Alfred always used to preach that whatever good our parents do and live their lives in accordance to the Word of God and accept His Holy Plans in simple obedience their children will be rewarded and blessed; I am thus a great Witness to this Word of God.  My God blessed me thus with great Divine Wisdom to study well and be obedient to my parents, elders and teachers as they pray the Chaplet and say the 3 o’clock prayer daily and have taught me to do the same.  This has brought a lot of blessing and protection to my family and me and thus am standing here today to testify of Jesus’ Divine Mercy upon my family and me  – to the whole world.

Vanessa Niketa Veigas

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