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God’s Blessings

Last Divine Mercy Feast is when we started to attend the prayer meetings. The world has completely changed for us. We use to be socializing, going out on drives when we had spare time. All that has changed now as we have so much time for prayers and divine mercy activities. I do not recall having any misunderstanding with my wife, we haven’t had any fights. There is so much harmony amongst us.

Children are having good health and take part in prayer activities. My wife, Carol, has found a job, which she was longing for. Initially there were so many hurdles. They wanted her certificates attested which she could not, due to the fact that her certificates were from Bangalore. But suddenly without any of her certificates attested she was taken in. She is enjoying her job very well. She has also been titled ‘employee of the month’. I have also had increments and change of responsibilities. We have decided to send our children to a residential school in India. We needed a big amount of money to pay the fees upfront and we were praying to divine mercy. One of our friends came forward to provide us with the same without any interest. We are having constant blessings. We ask all of you to keep us in your prayers so that we may continue to grow in the spirit of divine mercy always.

Kiran & Carol

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