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Everything is possible for God

Prerena comes from a Hindu family, and is a friend of mine who had one of her ovaries  removed due to a cist and was told by the doctors that her chances to conceive would be very less, even doubtful.

Even after 4 years of married she was always hoping to conceive and was a frequent visitor to the temples and  fortune tellers, hoping to receive a miracle from above – but in vain – each time the fortune teller would assure her of conceiving month after month – only to be disappointed and would cry bitterly.

Seeing her painful state I introduced her to our Miraculous  Divine Mercy 3 O’clock prayer.  As I gave her the card, she felt an electric shock passing through her body and felt the presence of Jesus.  Her devotion increased as she continued the Prayers daily and we would recite it together in the office.   As days flew by she began to see and recognize the biggest blockage in her life. – she was made to realize that she had to forgive her mother-in-law, whom she was not in good terms.  She immediately called her up and asked pardon.

So one day  when I had taken Our Pilgrim Divine Mercy Image to my house, she visited me and we prayed – she prayed like a child.Soon after a month or so she was blessed with the good news that she has conceived.  Overjoyed she come to the Church with me and the Divine Mercy Prayer Meeting to thank our Divine Mercy Lord for the impossible thing that happened in her life.

But it was not over – when she was in her 4th month she suffered some complications in her pregnancy and she again more fervently prayed the 3 O’clock prayer and was well again.  During her delivery also she suffered again some complications but unconsciously she stated reciting “ HOLY GOD, HOLY MIGHTY ONE,  HOLY IMMORTAL ONE HAVE MERCY ON US AND THE WHOLE WORLD” and she delivered  a normal, healthy and  beautiful baby girl !  PRAISE THE LORD…


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